Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day Four begins

Today was an early wake up call. We had to get up at 4:15am to catch a bus that will transport our gear, luggage and worn out bodies to the ferry terminals. We are crossing the Georgia straight today and heading to the mainland for our next adventure. We expect another relatively good day for weather, food and fun. I am not sure how fun it will be though. It is expected to be yet another tough, technical single track. I took a pounding yesterday on the last 10K.

We are expected to carry our bike clothes and gear separate from our luggage as these will be taken from us once on the ferry. We will then be taken to the bike staging area and begin riding from there. Apparently breakfast will be served in the hour and a half required to cross the ferry.

I think they are purposely throwing wrenches in this race to separate the hard core from the meager. Aid stations far from where they should be, torchering stairs to reach the food, and now possibly sea sickness while eating breakfast on day four? Needless to say, today will be interesting.

We actually were at the front of the breakfast line today! First time all week!
We really did get the opportunity to mock the other racers and tell them that we made it to the food line before the sausages were burnt and the waffles were soggy!

My legs are hammered and am super sore. I need advil, tylenol, anything really to kill the pain. We will be taking the ferry over to the mainland, than a bus to the next ferry. We should be on the trail at around 8am. Prepare yourselves for more on day four. We are doing our best to prepare ourselves.
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John said...

Get a massage Eddie!

...or is that against the code of the BPA?

What an EPIC adventure! Keep the posts comin', the aspirin pills poppin' and the pedals turning

SKF is $160

Mpro said...
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Mpro said...

After reading you posts this morning I thought of Ray Charles out on that Ferry with you.

I'm say Georgia, Georgia....
The song of you
Comes as sweet and clear, Just like moonlight through the pines
Other arms reach out to you
Other eyes smile tenderly
Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you

Sweet and Clear; Like the water you ride to find or 4 foot swells out of the northwest
Moonlight; All thats left as you cross where the finish line used to be
The pine's roots; to slip and struggle over
Arms reach out; to lift that bike up over another obstacle
Other eyes smile tenderly; As they are welcomed into the BPA
Peaceful dreams; Of dancing bears and sardine cans
The road leads back ...... Into the woods of BC

Go get em guys, you may be stunned but we are all amazed !

dick blanco said...

yo dogs!...way to hang in there my brothers...mad mountain dog love and respect to you...keep the faith and keep the pedals turning...your glory will last much longer than the pain!

and when you wonder why you're putting yourself through this remember that you're a MOUNTAIN DOG and that's how we roll!!!