Friday, June 27, 2008


We just boarded the ferry to cross in 50 minutes and I feel ill... Havnt gotten sick yet but I can feel my recent mediterranean breakfast. Roy continues to eat unphased by the rolling waves....
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Making our way to Canada!

Well we are in day two of travel from the OC to victoria island. Today we will be waking up and travelling from Vancouver, Wa to Port Angeles and over to Victoria Island. We were scheduled to leave our hotel at 430am to make a 1030 ferry to Victoria...that didn't happen as apparently that 12 hour drive and midnight workout at a Portland gym with Roy took its toll on me. I slept until about 630 and we left shortly after a shower. We arrived at Port Angeles at around 11am and are scheduled to walk on the ferry after some breakfast.

On another note; when I picked Roy up in Santa Cruz, he was at a specialized conference. I ended up meeting and speaking with a couple of famous people in the cycling industry. Mike Sinyard from Specialized is standing on my left and his lead product designer on my right. For all my fans back home... I will be signing autographs with the very hand that touched a biking genius! More from BC later. Oh ya and I will upload the pic soon.

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