Monday, June 30, 2008

Day three begins

Apparently there is much single track to ride today. The bad news is my knee is still swollen from going over the bars and slamming it against that rock. ; ( it seems like after 125 kilometers yesterday its slightly more swollen than the day before. Yikes, if yesterday was a peak and a rest day for many, I don't feel rested. I feel like a pitiful piece of meat that has just been tenderized.

One cool thing though was late last night we were interviewed by a reporter on what we eat for a continued contention, scratch that-relentless dominance in the back of the pack. She was fascinated by our diet and how real we were. We are bringing a sense of reality to a world that carrys very little water and streamlines their food consumption to be faster and stronger. We are the #1 team in the back of the pack and make no mistake, we are proud. Real oranges need real peeling and we are the ones to do it. Stay tuned for day three completion.
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Mpro said...

Ed .... Roy.... Go Go !!!!

All of Those other riders in front of you are just to prep the trail, sucking up road rash, trees & boulders. They experience the easy and mundane leaving behind only the most exquisite agonies for you to uncover.

We are all back here cheering you both on, knowing what it feels like to see to the top of the next rise and push forward. Actually we have no *%#@! idea how tough it is to do that 30 times a day and still get out of bed for more.

Keep digging it out

John Matta

Go Go !!!!

Kelly said...


Unbelievable the goal that is set before you. Have been following your posts with great admiration. I am also praying for healing for your knee, at least it's not a broken clavicle!!! Keep eating and keep watching the trail. Finish this one for Mom. May the sun rest easily upon you.

Kelly @ WestCal